Beadwork Tutorials and Free Patterns
Feedback on any of my tutorials is always welcome! Please
send your comments to me here Thanks!

Brickstitch Tutorials (printable version)
Includes the Ladder stitch, my expanded version of the Zig-Zag stitch which I
learned from Pam Welborn (Thanks Pam!), plus how to increase by one bead per row.

3 Drop Netting  (printable version)

Odd Count Flat Peyote  (print version)
Odd Count  (PDF file)
This tutorial is the tale of my journey into learning odd count flat peyote.
In it you will learn the 5 different ways of doing OCFP that I have learned,
and perhaps those of you who have learned to hate OCFP will give it another try!

Practice patterns for Odd Count  (printable version)

Even Count Flat Peyote  (printable version)
This tutorial is the one needle start method of doing even count flat peyote.

E C F Peyote  (animated version)
Power Point tutorial for even count flat peyote. I made this one slow
running, so you can see each step clearly. Let me know what you think

A tutorial about reading peyote patterns. (pdf version)

A tool for reading peyote patterns.  (printable version)
How I use a tool made for reading cross-stitch patterns to read peyote patterns.

Peyote Help  (PDF File)
My attempt at helping you to read the graphs for, tubular even count peyote.

Peyote Help  (printable version)
For those who can't access pdf files!

The Jason Necklace  (PDF File)
A simple stringing project that makes a great gift for guys if done in large
seed beads, or for girls when done in the smaller seed beads.

The Jason Necklace  (printable version)
For those who can't access pdf files!

5 Graphs  (PDF File)
40 x 40 beading graphs. 1 each for peyote, 2 drop peyote, brick, Comanche,
and loom or square stitch.

Doll Forms (printable version)

Mistletoe Stocking  (PDF File)
Free Christmas pattern.

United We Stand  (printable version)
A free pattern to honor all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01.

Daisy for loom or square stitch  (printable version)

Daisy for peyote or brickstitch  (printable version)

Daisy for 2 drop peyote or brickstitch  (printable version)

Patriotic brickstitch earrings  (printable version)


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